RC Channel Islands

離 島扶輪社是國際扶輪社3450區的-個分社, 是由鄧光榮先生與一班志同道合的社友於1989年創立. 自成立以來本社一直持續服務香港離島    及各區, 以至廣東省偏遠地區, 及受四川地震影响的災民。 本社現時有二 十一名社友, 來自十多個不同行業 。在國際上, 本社有一個非常友好的姊妹社,是在台北地區的華欣扶輪 社。

如對本社有其他查詢, 可與本社秘書 Roger Sin 聯絡,

電話  94000519

email:[email protected]


Rotary Club Channel Islands  is in Rotary International District 3450 -  and was founded by Mr. Deng Guangrong with a group of like-minded Rotarians.
Since its inception in 1989, the Society has continued to serve Hong Kong Islands and District, as well as remote areas of Guangdong Province, and the victims affected by the earthquake in Sichuan.
The Society currently has twenty-one Rotarians from more than a dozen different industries. Internationally, the Society has a very friendly sister club, in the Taipei area with the Rotary Club of Hua Hin.
For further Rotary Club inquiries, please contact the Club secretary Roger Sin,
Phone 94000519
email: [email protected]